'When I DIE I want to be buried with my prized Olympus OM1n 24mm f1.8 and a roll of HP5.  I'm not religious but if I'm wrong and I wake up on the other side I'm terrified by the thought of not having a camera'. 'ACCESS is almost everything and we are being ever increasingly restricted in where we can take pictures.  You owe it to the subject when you get ACCESS to do the best and most honest job you can'. 'Owning a DIGITAL SLR and calling yourself a professional photographer is like playing guitar hero and calling yourself a rock star.  If you want to understand what it is to be a real photojournalist pick up any copy of the New York Times, yes any copy'. 'The fact that its increasingly EASY TO TAKE PICTURES without thinking has resulted in a gazillion photographs which contribute nothing but radio noise.  All they do is dull the worlds interest in photography and neutralise it as a medium to educate and inform'. 'I want my work to be increasingly what I call ACCESSIBLE CONCEPTUAL.  My aim is make people stop and think and then get the message that I'm trying to communicate. To be fully conceptual is to allow people to make their own mind up and perhaps come to the wrong conclusion'. 'STIGMA is all pervasive and my work is about getting as close as possible to my subjects. If I have an AGENDA it’s about letting you see what I saw'. 'The PRESS decide what they will publish'.

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